100 Years of T.H.E. Conference History


University of Illinois Conference on Highway Engineering

Modern Highways

Air-Entraining Cement, F.H. Blandin, Assistant Engineer, Bureau of Materials, Illinois Division of Highways, Springfield


Federal Interstate Highways, Frederick M. Johnson, District Engineer, Cook County Highway Department


Mr. E.P. Shapland of the Nelsen Concrete Culvert Company cordially invites those attending the Conference to a Fish Fry at the Culvert Plant on North Edwin Street in Champaign at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday

The Smoker,

Urbana-Lincoln Hotel. Footballs and Rose Bowls. (Films) Ray Eliot, Head Football Coach, University of Illinois

Planned Highways

Some University Problems, George D. Stoddard, President, University of Illinois

Highway Engineering?

What is “highway engineering”? It is the art and science which utilizes the forces and materials of nature in the construction and operation of highways for the benefit of man

Basic Principles in the Design of Flexible Bases and Pavements, W.M. Aldous, Chief, Soils and Surfacing Branch, Airport Development Division, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Indianapolis

The University’s Contribution to the Development of Highways in Illinois, W.L. Everitt, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Illinois

Highway Research

Financing our Highways in Illinois, Edward Lindsay, Editor, Lindsay-Schaub Newspapers, Decatur

Highway Research

Motion Picture: "Highways Ahead," Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria


CC Wiley dedication Quote by Wm Pollard Jr

Better Highways

Annual Banquet, Illini Union Ballroom, Price $2.50 per plate. Welcome: President George D. Stoddard, University of Illinois; Address: Governor William G. Stratton, State of Illinois

Progress and the Open Mind

In order to cover a portion of the costs of the Highway Conference it is necessary to charge a registration fee of one dollar ($1.00) per person.