100 Years of T.H.E. Conference History


Safe Highways

Planning the Highway System to Meet Future Needs, Cas. E. DeLeuw, Assistant Chief Highway Engineering of Illinois, and H.E. Surman, Engineer of design, Illinois Division of Highways.

The Road Ahead, C.C. Wiley, Associate Professor of Highway Engineering, University of Illinois

Progress on the State-wide Planny Survey, R. N. Barker, Director, Illinois Highway Planning Survey, Chicago

Safety on Illinois Highways, H.H. Harrison, Traffic Engineer, Illinois Division of Highways, Springfield, Illinois. Safety messages throughout the program: Eternal vigilance is the price of safety. How are your brakes? How about your tires? Do you turn properly? What is your safe speed? Will your tail lights burn? Are you headlights properly adjusted? What’s your hurry? Do you drive as you would have others drive?

Preserving Scenery and History in Illinois, Robert Kingery, General Manager, Chicago Regional Planning Association

Highways are happy ways when they lead us safely home.